Optional plan for school groups

Information on optional plans for school groups

This is a program for school groups. It can be used in various situations such as excursions and school trips.

A separate Aquariums ticket is required to participate.
Advance reservations are required. Please apply together with the group application at least one month in advance. Please note that we may not be able to meet your request as it is on a first-come, first-served basis.
The contents of each option plan are subject to change without notice.
Depending on the physical condition of the animals and the weather, the contents may be changed or canceled.
Teaching staff are free of charge.


What kind of texture do dolphins have? A very popular program where you can touch dolphins.

placeThe Stadium
Capacity ご相談ください。
Required timeIt depends on the number of people.

Backyard tour (elementary school students and older)


Capacity10 people/time
Required timeAbout 20 minutes

[Before opening] Vocational lecture

The breeding staff will talk about your desired theme, such as "what Aquariums does" or "about living creatures".

placeThe Stadium
Required timeAbout 20 minutes

[Before opening] SDGs lecture

The breeding staff will give a lecture on "the ecology and environment of sea creatures" related to SDGs from the unique perspective of Aquariums. We will convey "real voices" with questions and answers, and help create opportunities for everyone to enjoy learning and thinking.

場所・定員 テーマにより異なります。
詳細は【SDGs講話 テーマ一覧】をご確認ください。
Required timeAbout 20 minutes per theme

List of SDGs lecture themes


More than 90,000 species live there, and beautiful coral reefs fascinate even us humans. In fact, it is easily affected by human activities, and in recent years it has been declining due to factors such as global warming. Let's learn about the ecology and role of coral reefs and think together about what we can do in our daily lives.


A program held in a tunnel-shaped aquarium about 20 meters long. As you watch the stingrays fly overhead, you will learn about their body structure and the diverse ray friends that have evolved over time. Knowing about stingrays will motivate you to protect the oceans they live in, and encourage you to put them into practice every day.

(定員:約1,000名さま/場所:ザ スタジアム<2F>)

Thoroughly dissect the various abilities and personalities of dolphins with commentary unique to the breeding staff. You can learn about dolphins by actually seeing them up close. We will also learn about the cycle of marine litter that has a major impact on dolphins, and think about what we can do today.


The breeding staff explains how to distinguish the Penguin raised at the museum and the wonders of their ecology. You can also learn about unexpected body mechanisms that you could not understand just by looking at the exhibits. We will also touch on one of the environmental problems surrounding Penguin, "climate change," and unravel the phenomena that are occurring around us.


マクセル アクアパーク品川で生まれた生きものたちを展示する「リトルライフ」(1F)で、飼育スタッフが“繁殖”について解説。生きものたちがどのように生まれ、成長していくのか、おとなになるまでの貴重な姿をご覧いただきながら、水族館の役割のひとつである“種の保存”についても学んでいきます。


If you wish to use this service, please fill in the desired plan on the application form and apply at least one month before the date of use.

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