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"NAKED Fireworks AQUARIUM" will be held in the world of the sea, where the art of sound, light and water will be woven together.

(Delivered on June 19, 2023)

We will hold "NAKED FLOWER AQUARIUM-Bring You Happiness-" to the exciting world of the sea surrounded by flowers and lights.

(Delivered on April 6, 2023)

"NAKED SAKURA AQUARIUM" will be held for cherry blossom viewing in the world of the sea, where you will be fascinated by cherry blossom art in full bloom.

(Delivered on 2023.2.20)

Live footage from the breeding staff's perspective delivered with a "wearable camera" and a large monitor! New content has started, where you can touch the charm of living things from various angles.

(2023.2.1 delivery)

A Valentine's Day event unique to Aqua Park will be held to deliver a heartwarming scene of gratitude and the world of "love" of living creatures.

(Delivered January 26, 2023)

Limited to high school students and above. Show your student ID to get a discount on the entrance fee!

(Delivered on January 12, 2023)

We will hold "NAKED SNOW AQUARIUM", a world of the sea like a snow dome, which is fascinated by the beauty of winter.

(Delivered on December 15, 2022)

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