[Distributed in 2022] List of press releases

"NAKED SAKURA AQUARIUM" will be held for cherry blossom viewing in the world of the sea, where you will be fascinated by cherry blossom art in full bloom.

(Delivered on February 24, 2022)

We will hold "NAKED FLOWER AQUARIUM-Bring You Happiness-" to the exciting world of the sea surrounded by flowers and lights.

(Delivered on April 13, 2022)

Decided to hold the first collaboration event with "Tokyo Girls Collection"! "RYUGU FESTIVAL supported by TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION"

(2022.6.2 delivery)

[Announcement of content details! ] We will release the full details of the first collaboration event "RYUGU FESTIVAL supported by TOKYO GIRLS COLLECTION" with "Tokyo Girls Collection".

(Delivered on June 16, 2022)

In the entertainment space, an initiative unique to the aqua park where you can feel the SDGs more closely has started. "Coral Lab" "Robot Guide ~Story of Stingray~"

(Delivered on July 14, 2022)

Eight days of Halloween colors that deliver “healing” and extraordinary things with living things.

(Delivered on October 13, 2022)

"Starry sea" Christmas party where you can spend a special time with living things and loved ones

(Delivered on October 20, 2022)

[Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa x Shinagawa Prince Hotel] A dolphin performance (Day ver.) "Dolphin Decoration" that expresses the process of "Christmas cake making" by dolphins is being held! “Christmas sweets” were born from this program.

(Delivered on November 15, 2022)


We will hold "NAKED SNOW AQUARIUM", a world of the sea like a snow dome, which is fascinated by the beauty of winter.

(Delivered on December 15, 2022)