annual passport
Guidance on continued use

"Annual Passport" that allows you to enter as many times as you like for one year from the date of issue for the usual admission fee of about 1.9 times.
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If you wish to continue using your "Annual Passport" after it expires, please check the following.

Guidance on continued use

Price Adult
(High school students and above)
4,800 yen
(Normal admission fee 2,500 yen)
Elementary and junior high school students 2,500 yen
(Normal admission fee 1,300 yen)
(4 years old or older)
1,500 yen
(Normal admission fee 800 yen)
What to bring with you "Annual passport" you currently have
If you forget your "Annual Passport", you will need to present your identity verification documents for identity verification. In addition, it may take some time to verify the registered information.
Flow of the day of purchase
A new face photo will be taken. Please be sure to visit the facility in person.
Advance purchase is not accepted.
It cannot be purchased online. It will only be a procedure for you to visit us.
You may have to wait when it is crowded. Please note.