An oceanic firework spectacle of sound, lights, and water.An oceanic firework spectacle of sound, lights, and water.

<Exhibition period> August 7,2021 - October 24,2021




Japanese taiko drums and festival music is brought together with a thrilling dolphin performance. Clap and wave along with the beat and immerse yourself in the festivities.

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RURI HANABI -Digital Fireworks-

A fantastical firework spectacle of sound, lights, water, and dolphin performances.
Colorful digital fireworks fill the arena in 360-degrees, delivering a lively, traditional Japanese-style showcase for all to enjoy.

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Flittering Fireworks

An entrance with a beautiful view of the night sky and fish swimming elegantly about.
Touch the wall to shoot off brilliantly vivid firework.

Festival Fireworks

The fish here to invite you into their
joyous summer fair.
Take a stroll and enjoy the sights of their festivities.

Sea Fair

A festival space filled with brilliantly colorful Japanese patterns.
An undersea spectacle of beautiful fish patterns becoming fireworks.

Banquet Fireworks

Gaze upon the fireworks that light up
the underwater world,
and enjoy a beverage from our limited-edition menu.


  • Apricot Squash


    Lemon Soda
    +Apricot Jam
    +Lemon Slice

  • Ume Squash


    Lemon Soda

  • Wild Grape & Berries


    Wild Grape Juice
    +Butterfly Pea
    +Cranberry Syrup
    +Mix Berry

  • RAMUNE Soda


  • TAKOYAKI(with Sauce & Mayonnaise)


  • * Menu is subject to change.

Jellyfish Ramble

Fireworks drawn with sound and light,
A fantastic space woven by jellyfish.


Entrance fee

This exhibition can be viewed at the price of entrance to the aquarium.

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Information on discount plans

Yukata benefits

Ramune will be presented to those who wear yukata.
Take part in the summer experience of the NAKED Fireworks Aquarium♪

  • *August 16th (Mon) to October 24th (Sun), 2021
  • *Applicable for same-day admission tickets purchased at the ticket center on the 1st floor
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Introduction of numbered tickets and advance tickets

To alleviate congestion, those who come to the aquarium on the target day will receive a "numbered ticket" or "advance ticket" is required.

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4-10-30 Takanawa, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 108-8611 (Within Shinagawa Prince Hotel)
Tel +81-3-5421-1111 (Audio guidance)

※Telephone(Audio guidance) is provided only in Japanese.

When arriving by train:

Two minute walk from Shinagawa Station (Takanawa Exit), accessible by Shinkansen,
JR lines and Keikyu lines. 14 minutes from Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal Station on
the Keikyu line, and 11 minutes from the International Terminal Station.
Located just two minutes by foot from Shinagawa Station,
access to Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa is extremely convenient.

Planning,Directing and Production

NAKED, INC. is a creative company founded by Ryotaro Muramatsu in 1997. The company presents works that create new experiences and values throughout various scenes in people’s lives, spanning from art and entertainment to culture, tradition, education, cities, food, sports, and more.
NAKED particularly specializes in the art of storytelling as well as the integration of traditional and cutting-edge technologies to craft new content and spatial installations.