NAKED 花火アクアリウム,アクアパーク品川 花火アクアリウムバイネイキッド NAKED 花火アクアリウム,アクアパーク品川 花火アクアリウムバイネイキッド

A fireworks display under the sea bringing an artistic extravaganza of light and soundA fireworks display under the sea bringing an artistic extravaganza of light and sound


Introducing "Patterns," an immersive area
where the seasons and sea creatures change in harmony with one another!


Sea Fair

A festival space filled with
brilliantly colorful Japanese patterns.
Beat the drums to produce an undersea spectacle of
beautiful fish patterns becoming
fireworks to the tone of the beat.

-Night time only-
Night Penguin Festival

A vibrant fireworks display with
penguins as the main attraction!
A beautiful digital fireworks display fills the space delivering
a touch of summer excitement for all to share.

<Performance schedule>




<Performance schedule>
  • 11:30A.M./
  • 1:00P.M./
  • 2:30P.M./
  • 4:00P.M.

A summer sea festival presented by dolphins!
A powerful performance backed by a uniquely Japanese tone produced by the sounds of taiko drums and the shamisen.
Also features a splash time bringing a touch of refreshing coolness to all in the arena!


-Digital Fireworks-

<Performance schedule>
  • 6:00P.M./
  • 7:30P.M./
  • 8:30P.M.

A night entertainment with dolphins dancing spectacularly amidst wondrous views of the summer attracting people with fireworks over the sky and sea.
Presenting a new story program where artistic expression using sound, light and water takes to the stage.


Flittering Fireworks

An entrance with a beautiful view of the night sky and
fish swimming elegantly about.
Touch the wall to shoot off brilliantly vivid fireworks.

Goldfish Fireworks

Lovely goldfish guide you
along a glistening fireworks path.
Take in the fantastical summer scenery as you
gradually make your way down.

Umbrella Fireworks

Enjoy an original drink concoction that gives off a brilliant light while gazing up at a stylish fireworks display in bloom across a Japanese umbrella.

Seasonal Menu

[Jellyfish Ramble]

A large open space of sound and light,
filled with the gentle flitter of jellyfish.
Performances only shown
at the "NAKED Hanabi Aquarium" also available.


Entrance fee

This exhibition can be viewed at the price of entrance to the aquarium.



maxell aquaparkshinagawa

4-10-30 Takanawa, Minato-ku,
Tokyo 108-8611 (Within Shinagawa Prince Hotel)
Tel +81-3-5421-1111 (Audio guidance)

※Telephone(Audio guidance) is provided only in Japanese.

When arriving by train:

Two minute walk from Shinagawa Station (Takanawa Exit), accessible by Shinkansen, JR lines and Keikyu lines. 14 minutes from Haneda Airport Domestic Terminal Station on the Keikyu line, and 11 minutes from the International Terminal Station. Located just two minutes by foot from Shinagawa Station, access to Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa is extremely convenient.

Planning,Directing and Production



NAKED Inc. is a creative company Ryotaro Muramatsu founded in 1997 along with a team of motion picture directors, designers, CG directors, and writers. Throughout the years, the company has presented works in various fields such as film, TV, advertisements, and installations. In recent years, NAKED Inc. is known for total direction of spaces that combine technology such as projection mapping with formative arts, light, and sound.

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