About extension of annual passport expiration due to temporary closure


If you have an annual passport with the following expiration date, the expiration date will be extended.

Target of extension


Extension period


There is no need to extend the expiration date.
You can continue to use your current annual passport.

A passport that allows you to enter as many times as you like for the normal 1.9 times entrance fee for one year from the date of issue!
You can purchase it anytime of the year.

Information on annual passport Web sales

Pre-registration and payment allows you to make a smooth online sale.

*Currently discontinued.
Tickets are sold at the ticket center on the 1st floor of the hotel.

Information on annual passport


(High school students and above)
JPY 4,400 (Regular admission fee JPY 2,300)
Elementary and junior high school students 2,300 yen (normal admission fee: 1,200 yen)
(4 years old or older)
1,300 yen (Regular entrance fee 700 yen)

The fee applies to the age and grade of the issue date. The school year will be switched on April 1st.

  • The "Annual Passport" is valid only for the named person and cannot be loaned or transferred.
    If you cannot identify yourself, you may be refused admission.

  • Please be sure to show the "annual passport" to the staff when you enter.
    If you forget your passport, you will need a general admission ticket.

  • You cannot cancel, refund or change the registered user after purchase.

  • Please note that usage details, fees, benefits, etc. are subject to change.

Sale place

Ticket center

[Sales time]


Place of issue

Annual passport issuing counter

[ Reception time ]


We will issue you a passport after applying and taking a photo of your face.

Please note that you may have to wait during busy hours.