We are selling "Edo Aquariums Enjoyment Ticket", a great value ticket that includes a ticket for the Aqua Park Shinagawa and a ticket for the Sumida Aquariums!
"Fireworks Aquarium by NAKED" at Aqua Park, "Edo Goldfish Wonderland" at Sumida Aquariums.
You can enjoy both "Wa" -themed events held at two urban Aquariums!

In addition, there are special benefits only for this ticket ♪

Why don't you enjoy "Japanese modern" at Aqua Park and Sumida Aquariums this summer?

Product name Edo Aquariums Enjoy Ticket

Aqua Park Shinagawa Admission Ticket (with original fan)
Sumida Aquariums admission ticket (with goldfish cocktail)


Adult (20 years old and over) 4,100 yen

* This plan is only for those over 20 years old.

Sale / effective period

Until September 30, 2016 (Friday)

business hours
Sale place

Seven-Eleven store multi-copy machine

* This ticket cannot be canceled or refunded.