Little paradise


Don't miss the nine aquarium groups that change according to the theme.

A zone that consists of nine aquariums that can be enjoyed no matter how many times you visit, including the aquarium of colorful tropical fish and sharks, and the theme changes regularly.

Creatures seen in this area


False clown anemonefish


Lyretail anthias


Spotted garden eel


Splendid garden eel

Wonder tube


About 20 meters long with natural light from the skylight
Romantic underwater tunnel.

In addition to the world's only Dwarf Sawfish exhibited, about 10 species of rays that can see the Nanyo Manta that can only be seen here in East Japan, the difference in shape and pattern, etc. are gathered.

Wedding plan information

Wonder Tube offers a fantastic wedding plan where you can perform a ceremony while being surrounded by sparkling fish illuminated by natural light from the skylight.

Creatures seen in this area


Manta ray


Dwarf sawfish


Shinohime Shark


Spotted Japanese eagle ray

Life museum


Display colorful transparent specimens on a huge wall.

We are exhibiting colorful transparent specimens that attract the mystery of life in beauty.
Please appreciate the numerous specimens such as art works that inspire your curiosity.

Aqua jungle


A zone that concentrates the world jungle scene.
Depart for a thrilling expedition.

Piraluk, which is said to be a living fossil, rays that live in fresh water, and reptiles are exhibited. Adults and children can enjoy the feeling of being an explorer while being excited.

The popular Capybara welcomes you.

Creatures seen in this area




Green iguana



Wild street


Penguin, seals, otters and more gather.
Pay attention to the daily life of animals.

Fur seal is or regulate body temperature while float out the fins on the surface of the water, how the seals spend in each land and water, Asian short-clawed otter, such as figure which is around play fun, please refer to the free carefree live scene.

Creatures seen in this area


Asian short-clawed otter


Larga seal



Friendly square


An outdoor plaza where you can get a feel for popular creatures.

Enjoy mini performances of fur seals and Penguin close.

The Stadium


Excitement and excitement with a dolphin performance.

There is a circular pool with a diameter of about 25m that you can enjoy from either 360 degrees.
We will deliver different programs depending on the season, day and night, with the production of water curtains that engrave various patterns and lighting.

Wedding plan information

At The Stadium, dolphins prepare a wedding plan for a special day with a special performance amidst the many blessings of guests and spectators.

Creatures seen in this area


Pacific white-sided dolphin


Bottlenose dolphin


Oki Gondo