For the physically handicapped

Wheelchair rental

We lend it free of charge to people with disabilities.
Please tell the information on each floor.
* Advance reservations are not accepted.
* Please note that the number of units is limited.

Toilet that can be used with a wheelchair (for ostomate)

There are two multipurpose restrooms that can be used with wheelchairs.

  • 1F Coral Cafe Bar back

  • 2F The Stadium

* Please note that there is no universal seat.


Elevators and slopes are installed in the building, so you can move with a wheelchair.

* Please note that there are some areas where you can proceed in the opposite direction.
* Customers who have difficulty in personal belongings must be accompanied by an attendant.
* The staff cannot provide assistance including meals and use of the restroom.

About assistance dogs

You can enter with a "guide dog," "service dog," and "hearing dog."

Discount rate

One person with a customer who has a "Physical Disability Certificate", "Mental Disability Health and Welfare Certificate", and "Rehabilitation Certificate (Love Notebook)" will receive an admission ticket (on the day) at half the normal price. ..

* Please present your notebook at the ticket center (1F).

Adult (High school student and above)

1,150 yen

Elementary and junior high school students

600 yen

Infant (4 years old or older)

350 yen

About the use of attractions

Dolphin party

You can use it as a wheelchair.
* For safety reasons, an attendant should be on board to support the wheelchair while driving.

Port of Pirates

You can walk on your own, go up and down stairs, and firmly grasp the safety band lever, etc.
In addition, those who can bend their knees and step on them with their feet can use it.
* We may ask you to accompany an attendant.

* People with disabilities may need or may not be able to use the assistance of their companions.
* In addition, if the staff judges that it is dangerous, we may refuse to board the train.

For those with small children

Breastfeeding room

  • 2F The Stadium

A hot water sink and microwave are provided.
* Only women can enter and use the nursing room. If you are a male only and need milk preparation or warming, please ask the staff.

Diaper changing space

There are 6 locations in the building.

  • 1F Coral Cafe Bar back (multipurpose restroom, women's restroom)

  • 2F The Stadium (multipurpose restroom, male / female restroom, nursing room)

Stroller storage

There are 3 locations in the building.

  • 1F entrance

  • 2F The Stadium (Pillar B-C, Pillar J-K)

* Please be sure to bring valuables with you when you leave the stroller.
* Please note that we are not responsible for any damage, loss or theft in the stroller storage area.
* Please note that strollers are not available for rent.

Other services

Coin locker (charged)

It is located at the back of the entrance (1F) <below the escalator>.

  • Small size 300 yen (width 350 mm x length 400 mm x depth 480 mm)

  • Large 500 yen (width 350 mm x length 800 mm x depth 480 mm)

* Please use the currency exchange machine.

About AED installation

Shinagawa Prince Hotel (Annex Disaster Prevention Center)
* In case of an emergency, the disaster prevention center staff will come to you, so please ask the staff near you.

Maxell Aqua Park Shinagawa
Floor guide (digital pamphlet)

If you print it out before visiting the museum and bring it with you, you can use it as a map of the museum.
* Event information varies depending on the season.