This is a new performance where you can enjoy a "new lifestyle" with more restrictions such as "I can't do it" with a positive call "Let's do it! (= Let's)". The three apostrophes "''" in the title. "Represents a guest dolphin trainer who enjoys the program as one.
From Saturday, November 7, 2020, we will deliver Christmas ver.!

open time

October 1st-October 31st, 2020

[Weekdays] 12:00 NOON / 2:00 P.M./4: 00P.M.
[Saturdays and holidays] 11: 00A.M./12:15P.M./1:30P.M./2:45P.M./4:00P.M./5:30P.M.
* Approximately 15 minutes each time

November 1st-December 23rd, 2020 / January 4th-January 31st, 2021

[Weekdays] 12:00 NOON / 2:00 P.M./4: 00P.M.
[Saturdays and holidays] 11: 00A.M./12:15P.M./1:30P.M./2:45P.M./4: 00P.M.
* Approximately 15 minutes each time

December 24, 2020-January 3, 2021

11: 00A.M. / 12: 15P.M. / 1:30 P.M. / 2: 45P.M. / 4: 00P.M.

How to enjoy the performance

Please enjoy the two ways of "enjoying the new normal" that are unique to the new lifestyle.

Silent time

In the middle of the performance, there will be a silent time when BGM and MC are stopped. Gently listen to the sounds of dolphins and water, and spend a time that is a bit different from the usual production.

Ending determined by guest's participatory action

There are three actions for guests to participate in the performance, and one of them, the content you choose, will determine the ending song and dolphin skills. Please enjoy the excitement of not knowing what kind of last will be held each time.

action ending

An ending where you can enjoy the sounds of wind instruments and guitar solos on a fun jazz-style melody, clapping your hands, and enjoying the "wave of applause".

wave hands

Delivered in a spacious and magnificent song. The ending where guest dolphin trainers wave their hands and enjoy a sense of unity.

Hand pose

While listening to rhythmic pop music that makes you want to hum, the ending is to give a signal to the dolphins and participate with the trainer.